environmental & ecological services
Our history
Established in 2004, MERC provides ecological consultancy services and advice to a range of clients in both the public and private sector. We specialise in the survey, mapping and assessment of marine, freshwater and terrestrial habitats. MERC comprises a team of professional and highly experienced natural scientists with a cumulative experience of approximately 50 years of research and survey experience.
Since formation MERC has expanded on the core scientific and technical skills of its of staff through a programme of training and development to provide the necessary in-house capacity and expertise to:

  • Conduct on-site ecological assessments of aquatic and terrestrial systems, including the environmental surveys required for Environmental Impact Assessments and Environmental Impact Statements as per national and EU legislation.
  • Conduct appropriate assessments of development plans and projects arising from national, EU and international legal obligations.
  • Address the conservation issues arising from developments in marine and coastal areas in line with national and EU legislative requirements.
  • Conduct marine and freshwater habitat mapping and ecological assessments.
  • Conduct research to fill the gaps in the knowledge base required to implement and inform national and EU policy and legislative requirements

MERC Consultants provides a full in-house service with the relevant professional, technical, policy and management skills to execute all stages of the environmental projects we undertake.