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MERC Marine
Ireland has a long and varied coast for a country of its size, with almost 60% of our total population residing in coastal areas. The coastal zone is of great significance to the country and a valuable national asset. Coastal development and increasing interest in the potential goods and services, which may be derived from our deeper offshore waters, are putting our marine resource at risk and as a consequence, in need of detailed surveys and monitoring.
MERC provide specialist marine surveys of both intertidal and subtidal habitats. We have a long history of conducting intertidal and subtidal habitat and species surveys for a range of public and private sector clients. The capacity and experience of MERC in marine survey is demonstrated by the many surveys conducted by the company and detailed under the MERC project link.
Our Marine Clients

National Parks and Wildlife Service

MERC have been providing both marine and terrestrial survey and reporting services to the National Parks and Wildlife since the company's formation in 2004.

Marine Institute

MERC have provided a range of marine survey services including habitat mapping of subtidal and intertidal areas to the Marine Institute.


The company has recently conducted scientific dive surveys to assess dredge efficiency for BIM.

Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food

MERC have conducted subtidal sediment coring operations and sediment analysis for the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food in advance of dredge spoil disposal operations.

Northern Ireland Environment Agency

MERC have conducted subtidal habitat surveys of areas of the Northern Irish coast in advance of SAC designation under the Habitats Directive